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Terms and Conditions of Use

This website is a collection of photos and videos, managed by Shiroishi City Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division and Zao Town Tourism and Industry Association.

Various images related to sightseeing in the city, such as sightseeing spots within the city, landscape, food and drink, crafts, etc., are compiled here. The website is created for PR purposes of Shiroishi City and Zao Town. In order to use the materials in this website, please proceed to the next screen after reading and agreeing to the terms of use.

 The picture materials contain high-resolution image data in JPEG format at resolution 3000×2000 pixel and 300dpi (may vary in some pictures), suitable for use in print materials such as brochures, etc.
 In addition, low resolution images in JPEG format at 640×420-pixel resolution (may vary in some pictures) are also available for webpage creation, etc.
 We pay extra attention to our image data, but please understand that we assume no responsibilities in any events caused by the image data or from downloading the data.
About Copyright
  • The copyright and other intellectual property rights that come with the image data of this picture collection shall not be transferred to the users. These rights are reserved to Shiroishi City and Zao Town, and are protected by copyright law and international laws on copyright.
About Use
  • The image data on this picture collection can be used as it is or after modification, for the PR purposes on tourism in Shiroishi City or Zao Town. In case of using the image data (including downloaded images), please include appropriate acknowledgement at the bottom of the picture, such as “Photo provided by Shiroishi City and Zao Town”.
  • If the image is used in a printed publication such as a magazine, we appreciate if you can send us 1 copy of the finished product.
Prohibited Matters
  • Manufacture and sales of items, such as digital data collection, calendars, postcards, etc., whose product characteristics depend on the image data (including downloaded images) that are available in this picture collection, are prohibited. Although the images are processed or modified, such actions are prohibited if the end result is the sales of products in such a way that any parties other than the user become a secondary user of the materials.
  • It is prohibited to use the image data in this picture collection for rental purposes and to sell or to transfer the recorded image data (including downloaded images) to a third party.
  • Any actions that may lead to fraud or misunderstandings or defamation of honor or any actions contrary to public order and morals that use the image data in this picture collection are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to attach and send any image data in this picture collection to a mailing list, a mail magazine, or any services that send a large number of the same email.
  • In the event of any violation of this provision or in the case of the use of this picture collection for any purpose other than the intended ones, Shiroishi City and/or Zao Town shall have the rights to suspend the use of the image data.

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