Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The “Shiroishi Travel and Tourism Guide Website” and “Miyagi Zao Sightseeing Navigation” (hereinafter referred to as the Website) fully understand the importance of privacy and personal information of our customers (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”). Personal Information is defined as information from which the personal identity of a customer can be obtained, such as name, phone number, address, email address, preferences, etc., upon the use of the services offered by the Website.
Collection of Personal Information
The purpose of collecting Personal Information on this Website is to provide even more convenient services to the customers.
The collection of Personal Information is done within the minimum necessary limit. The collection of Personal Information is always performed from the information input page of the Website.
In general, Personal Information shall not be collected without notifying the customer in advance.
In addition, the customer may refuse to provide the Personal Information if the customer does not wish to provide such information to the City or to the Association.
However, the provision of Personal Information may become a prerequisite to use some services offered by this Website.
Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
In order to provide various services to the customers on this Website, parts of Personal Information of the customers may be collected and analyzed, processed to obtain general statistical information, and posted on the Website. In this case, we shall eliminate the information that can identify the customers and treat such information as a completely anonymous information.
The use and disclosure of Personal Information provided by the customers shall only be performed under the following conditions:
  • Disclosure to the parties that are required for the implementation of the service provided by the City or the Association.
  • Disclosure of the information in the form such that the customer cannot be identified.
  • With the consent of the customer
  • Disclosure to the parties as required by law
  • Disclosure due to the need to protect the rights or assets of this Website, or due to the need to protect the rights, assets, or life of the user.
External Links
Other sites and services that linked to the pages on this Website are managed under the provisions and policies for Personal Information that are different from those of this Website.
We do not provide any guarantee on safety concerning the provision of Personal Information by customer carries to the external links of this Website.
In addition, we do not have any obligations nor responsibilities concerning the provision of Personal Information.
When providing personal information, we recommend that the customer decides the information provision after referring to the rules and regulations stipulated by each website.
Use of IP Address
The log of IP addresses recorded on the web server of this Website shall be used for access statistics and other purposes. In addition, customers can not be identified from the IP addresses.
Encryption Processing
We encrypt information exchanges through the internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and encrypt the membership and personal data to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access by third parties.
System Requirements and Recommended Specifications
This Website can be accessed by using one of the following systems:

1024×768 minimum display resolution

◆OS / Browser
【For WindowsOS】
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or better
 Firefox latest version
 Google chrome latest version

【For MacOS】
 Safari latest version
 Firefox latest version
 Google chrome latest version

【For Smartphone】
 iPhone5 and above(OS:iOS9.0 and above、Browser:Safari、Chrome)
 Android(OS:Android4.4 and above、Browser:Chrome)
We thoroughly review the accuracy of information posted on this Website, however we do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information under any circumstances.
We assume absolutely no responsibility in any losses caused by using the information listed here.

There are cases where we collect information by way of submission type on this Website, and we may judge whether or not to publicize such information on this Website after carefully examining the contents of such information.
Privacy Policy Changes
This privacy policy may be changed without notice due to changes in laws and regulations and changes in the operation policy of this Website.
Link to this Website
In principle, this Website can be linked for free. Please clearly indicate the names “Shiroishi Travel and Tourism Guide Website” and “Miyagi Zao Sightseeing Navigation” on the location where the link is placed.
In addition, please do not set to display the link in a frame, instead please set the link to open as a new window.
*Please understand that the contents of this Website, other than the top page, may be changed without prior notice.
About Copyright
Each information posted on this Website and this entire Website are subject to copyright and are protected by copyright law. Except for personal purposes, quotation, or other acts permitted by copyright laws, modification or reprinting without prior consent is strictly prohibited. For reprints or other uses, please contact us through the inquiry page.
For any inquiries regarding concerning the contents posted on this Website, please contact the address below.

Shiroishi City Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division
1-1 Otemachi, Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture, 989-0292
Phone: 0224-22-1321

Zao Town Tourism and Industry Association
36-135 Shinchi Nishi Urayama, Toogattaonsen, Zao-machi, Gatta-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, 989-0916
TEL: 0224-34-4401  FAX: 0224-34-4402

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