Experience Programs & Sports

  • Japanese Armor Fitting Experience

  • Green Park Fubou

  • 【Winter Sports】 Family-friendly services are plentiful! “Miyagi Zao Shiroishi ski resort” that you can enjoy reasonably from beginner to advanced intermediate level

  • Kojuro-no-Sato

  • Kojuro Plaza

  • White Cube

  • Introducing an Autumn Event: Onikojyurou Festival แ

  • Shiroishi U-men [Yamabuki-Tei] and Merchant Museum

  • Miyagi Zao Shiroishi Ski Resort

  • Kokeshi Painting The colorful pottery wheel is standing out. Use their hand wheel and make your only own Kokeshi. “Yajiro Kokeshi Village”

  • “Events on Autumn: Shiroishi Castle Kimono Festival “

  • Try on Japanese armor! Shiroishi’s significant simbol “Shiroishi Castle” A professional staff will change you into a Japanese Samurai.

  • Zaimokuiwa Park

  • Zao Fox Village (Miyagi Zao Kitsune Mura)

  • Yajiro Kokeshi Doll Village

  • Watch unique Tohoku Noh Performance at “Hekisuien” theater!

  • Cuddle their fluffy foxes! A rare zoo with more than 100 foxes where you can see and cuddle them. “Miyagi Zao Fox Village”

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Introduction of Pochi Warrior Kojuro
Miyagi Zao Sightseeing Navigation

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Introduction of Pochi Warrior Kojuro

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Miyagi Zao Sightseeing Navigation