History & Culture

  • Toshinji Temple

  • 8m long Hina stage! “Hokkori Hina doll exhibition ” at Sumaru House

  • Old-fashioned Museum “Shiroishi doll warehouse”

  • Sennenji Temple

  • Enmeiji Temple

  • Won’t you try wearing real armor at Shiroishi Castle?

  • Shiroishi Kamiko: Craftsmen Who Use Traditional Shiroishi Washi Paper.

  • Introducing an Autumn Event: Onikojyurou Festival แ

  • 【Sumaru House (Yashiki) 】Let’s go to the unique event of the castle town, which will be held in a merchant house (Machiya), built in the middle of the Meiji period.

  • Sumaru House•Sumairu Square

  • 【Buke Yashiki】Many seasonal events are held at this place. This places is famous in connection with Katakura Family.

  • Kita Tomb

  • Shiroishi Classical Theater Heritage Center – Hekisuien

  • Katakura Gobyousho

  • Factory Tour at Kichimi noodoles

  • Watch unique Tohoku Noh Performance at “Hekisuien” theater!

  • Detection House (Ex.Kimura Family House)

  • Kacchudo

  • The graves of Kiyoakiko Tamura and Yukimurako Mada

  • 【Classical Performing Art Tradition House, Hekisuien】】It is free entry to the Tohoku’s only Noh theater. Having the authentic tea ceremony room and Japanese garden, it will transmit the traditional performing art of Shiroishi city to posterity.

  • Know everything about Shiroishi! “Shiroishi Information Center”

  • Shiroishi Castle

  • Try on Japanese armor! Shiroishi’s significant simbol “Shiroishi Castle” A professional staff will change you into a Japanese Samurai.

  • Kessanji Temple

  • Myokenji Temple

  • Shiroishi Storehouse of dolls

  • Shrine and Temple bicycling tour: Katakurake-bousho, Kessanji temple

  • 【History&Food】Shiroishi Castle History Museum

  • Shiroishi Castle History Museum

  • Shiroishi Walking Tour with Local Guide

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Introduction of Pochi Warrior Kojuro
Shiroishi’s Charming Spring
Miyagi Zao Sightseeing Navigation

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Introduction of Pochi Warrior Kojuro
Shiroishi’s Charming Spring

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