History & Culture

  • Shiroishi’s New Year Event

  • Shrine and Temple bicycling tour: Katakurake-bousho, Kessanji temple

  • Kita Tomb

  • Bukeyashiki (Samurai Residence)

  • Shinmeisha Shrine

  • Introducing an Autumn Event: Onikojyurou Festival แ

  • [Must see for women!] Shiroishi City’s marriage spot, “Jinseki Shiroish i& Manzo Inari Shrine”

  • Detection House (Ex.Kimura Family House)

  • Old-fashioned Museum “Shiroishi doll warehouse”

  • Enmeiji Temple

  • Try on Japanese armor! Shiroishi’s significant simbol “Shiroishi Castle” A professional staff will change you into a Japanese Samurai.

  • Kessanji Temple

  • Adult Society Tour ” Zao Brewery Co., Ltd.”

  • Shiroishi Storehouse of dolls

  • Manzo Inari Shrine

  • Kamiishi Shiroishi

  • Sumaru Yashiki•Sumairu Square

  • 【History&Food】Shiroishi Castle History Museum

  • 【Buke Yashiki】Many seasonal events are held at this place. This places is famous in connection with Katakura Family.

  • Shiroishi Castle

  • Toshinji Temple

  • “Exihibitions of Hina ” Spring festival in Yajiro Kokeshi Mura

  • Seirinji Temple

  • 8m long Hina stage! “Hokkori Hina doll exhibition ” at Sumaru warehouse

  • Jorinji Temple

  • Koshido

  • 【Home of Kojurou】 Special products of Shiroishi City and Zao Town, including fresh produce, are lined up waiting for you! This is the local’s favorite, the large direct sale shop.

  • Katakura Family Samurai Residence

  • 【Sumaru House (Yashiki) 】Let’s go to the unique event of the castle town, which will be held in a merchant house (Machiya), built in the middle of the Meiji period.

  • Shiroishi Information Center

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Introduction of Pochi Warrior Kojuro
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Introduction of Pochi Warrior Kojuro

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